High Alentejo

Portugal Rural

Portugal Rural was born in 2004 and is situated just beside the Alqueva, between the hamlet of Amieira and the village of Portel, right in the heart of Alentejo.

The Olive Grove

The Olive Tree is the symbol of the Mediterranean agricultural culture, an icon of the Alentejo landscape and has been for centuries.
Considered by the Arabs of superior value in comparison with other trees, this Olea Europea produces the olive, a fruit that provides the best and richest oil, the main element of the dishes of the renowned Mediterranean gastronomy.

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The Livestock 

Raising livestock is one of the oldest known professions.
Originally intended only to capture, raise and kill animals, it was quickly realized that reproduction increased business profitability.
At Portugal Rural we took that teaching as a cornerstone of our work, betting on the reproduction of bovine cattle.

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Portugal RuralAlways informing you!

Featured climate changes in Ovibeja 2019

Ovibeja 2019 will highlight, as its main theme, the impacts of climate change, its consequences for agriculture and the role of farmers as guardians of biodiversity. According to ACOS-Agricultores do Sul, the entity that promotes the event, with the certainty that “there is no agricu...

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Alentejo: olive growers worried about bacteria that destroy olive trees

Olive growers in Alentejo are concerned about the spread of the “xylella fastidiosa” bacterium, which destroys several plants and trees, such as olive trees, and has arrived in Spain, and ask for support to help affected farmers. “It is certainly a cause for concern, but I do not think there is an extreme state of extreme alert” Lusa Henrique Herculano, technical director of the Center for the Study and Promotion of Olive Oil in Alentejo (CEPAAL) ), which accounts for about 50% of the region’s olive oil production. Due to the ‘evolution’ the disease ca...

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