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Olive Grove

The Olive Tree is the symbol of the Mediterranean agricultural culture, an icon of the Alentejo landscape and has been for centuries.
Considered by the Arabs of superior value in comparison with other trees, this Olea Europea produces the olive, a fruit that provides the best and richest oil, the main element of the dishes of the renowned Mediterranean gastronomy.

Our olive-grove has existed for several years, already being planted when Portugal Rural acquired the property.
About 10 years ago more area was planted and, today, we count with 250 ha composed of seven varieties of olive:
Santa Catarina, Ascolana, Cobrançosa, Frantoio, Arbequina, Galega and Picual.
The one that presents more area is Arbequina, with 57 ha, distributed between the Herdade dos Gregos and the Herdade da Espinheira.
The olive-grove is characterized as being intensive.

Over the course of a year, our collaborators and technicians do a work of excellence, certifying that the quality, harvest after harvest, is perfected.

The Alqueva dam and the olive-grove of Portugal are the perfect marriage.


Raising livestock is one of the oldest known professions.
Originally intended only to capture, raise and kill animals, it was quickly realized that reproduction increased business profitability.

At Portugal Rural we took that teaching as a cornerstone of our work, betting on the reproduction of bovine cattle.
One of the goals is to finish establishing the Limousine breed and create a purebred production.
For that, we introduced some Biotechnological Reproductive techniques, such as Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transferring.
For the perfect execution of these techniques, we count on a highly qualified team.

We keep searching for the best techniques and resources available.
We built an Anti-Stress corral which guarantees the balance and well-being of the animal during the veterinary treatment process and all the handling that it entails.
Feeding cattle, besides the traditional way, is done using the hydroponics technique.
This cultivating technique is done without using any soil, using barley seeds instead as the basis of producing hydroponic green forage.
It comes as a way to combat feed availability, dependence on climate conditions and ensures feed stability for the animals year round.

At Portugal Rural we have three hydroponics rooms working daily.

That way, we can assure that the animals we produce are of the highest standard.


We work towards the search for the best
techniques and resources of the market.

Olive Grove

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Olive Grove


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