Our HistoryMission, Values, and Vision

The Portugal Rural, was born in 2004 and is part of a dream come true.
We’re a company built, or in the process of building, with a lot of dedication, passion, commitment, work-ethic and companionship.
Situated on the vicinity of the Alqueva, between the hamlet of Amieira and the village of Portel, on the heart of Alentejo.
Our soils are hard to work, which didn’t prevent their transformation into authentic Alentejo paradises.
The olive grove and livestock represent the lifeblood of the company.
To date, the 250 hectares of olive-grove and 800 breeding cows do our collaborators proud.
What moves us forward is the drive to do more and better!


  • To contribute to the development and growth of the agricultural sector of the region, and as such, to the growth of the country;
  • To produce with efficiency and quality;
  • To become a reference of excellence;
  • To obtain both national and international acknowledgment.


  • Respect for the human being, animals and any other living creature;
  • Innovation and Creativity;
  • Clear and honest communication;
  • Have an approach that reflects the highest ethical standards;
  • Internal and external relations based on transparency, humility, and trust between all parts involved;
  • Integrity;
  • A focused and consistent team, with committed and respected individuals;
  • Economic, environmental and social sustainability.


  • Being a company that aims towards a powerful and organized growth, where it would demonstrate its strong leadership and quality products;
  • Betting on innovation and on developing the region based on sustainable agriculture;
  • Innovating tradition, modernizing the agriculture of the country;
  • Being a symbol of prestige.

About UsTeam

The house rules are, respect for any living being, integrity, focus, loyalty, companionship and work ethic and it was on those grounds
that we build a team with the same mentality and capable of overcoming any obstacle.
We commit ourselves so that every day we have the necessary motivation towards the well-being of our collaborators.
We present ourselves as a family and, as such, we work in its benefit.
We’re a team of excellence, innovative and capable of taking this project forward.
The Portugal Rural team is proud to “wave its flag”.

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The Portugal Rural